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Advantages of Torque Sensor E-Bikes

by Preity Gupta 20 Feb 2023

Why are torque sensor electric bikes so fantastic for e- bikes if, as many experienced e-bike riders have said, they are one of the greatest alternatives for pedaling assist systems? Do you know if a cadence sensor or a torque sensor is required? And that you might want an e-bike with a torque sensor if you enjoy working out and want to cycle vigorously. You may be asking what this means at this point and how to obtain an electric bike equipped with a torque sensor.

Several respected bicycle shops sell electric bikes with torque sensors. Only more expensive and higher-quality brands of e-bikes typically feature torque sensors. For an e-bike with a torque sensor, expect to pay a little more.

For some folks, it absolutely justifies the extra cost to get an electric bike with a torque sensor. Having one offers you more power per pedal and makes it feel like your pedaling is enhanced significantly.


Electric Bikes With Torque Sensors:

A throttle called a torque sensor monitors how hard the rider is pedaling to decide how much power to feed the motor. This is distinct from a cadence sensor, which only records the speed at which you pedal. The majority of pedal assist system (PAS) bikes on the market today use inexpensive cadence sensors.

When used properly, a torque sensor can make riding an e-bike seem bionic. It makes riding more intuitive, and if you'd want, you can ride hands-free. The built-in cruise controls on pedal-assist bikes are excellent. All you need to do to move your bike is pedal.


So why don't all electric bikes have torque sensors?

Torque sensors significantly raise the price of an electric bike. As of this writing, an electric bike's torque sensor will add extra to the retail price. A simple cadence sensor can be added to a bike for as little at retail. That is why cadence sensors, as opposed to torque sensors, are found in the great majority of commercially available e bikes. In the market, higher-end bikes are more likely to have torque sensors. Manufacturers of electric bikes are unsure whether consumers will be willing to pay the additional cost for a torque sensor or not.


A torque sensor has the following benefits:

  • Because people tend to be lazy most of the time, they nearly always prefer a throttle to a torque sensor. However, it is discovered that using a torque sensored bike is the best option if they decide that they want to get some exercise. You have to struggle for your power with a torque sensor. By downshifting and peddling quickly, like you would with a cadence sensor system, you cannot manipulate the system. Let's face it, a twist throttle is the quickest route there is to sloth.Start to perspire when they see a torque sensor. They truly feel as though they are riding a bicycle, with the exception that they are traveling faster and do not have to climb any hills by foot.
  • The second major benefit for people is that when they ride with a torque sensor, their range increases significantly by as much as a factor of two.They have to pedal a lot more when using a torque sensor than when using a throttle to achieve this range gain.
  • In general, electric bikes are rather wasteful when increasing to speed. When accelerating and climbing, when the e-bike needs your assistance the most, a torque sensor urges you to assist it.
  • A torque sensor also gives your bike the same feel as a typical geared bike.


Do torque sensors have any value?

The torque sensor is definitely worth the extra cost if you prefer to ride without using a throttle in Pedal-assist mode. You will rapidly pay for it by using your battery less frequently, increasing your range, and improving your physical health. The majority of customers, given the option, would unquestionably select a throttle over a cadence sensor because most of them feel cheap.

Imagine you are using a cadence pedal assist system and are pedaling hard when your chain comes off, causing you to make some quick revolutions on the crankset. This is another problem with cadence sensors. If you do this, the bike will give you its full power.


How much more superior a cadence sensor is to a torque sensor?

Compared to cadence sensors, torque sensors deliver power much more smoothly. With a good torque sensor, you can pedal the bike without even realizing it's electric. As with a regular bike, the harder you pedal, the faster you go; however, with electric power, the speed increases almost magically.

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