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Decoding Myths About E-bikes

by Preity Gupta 20 Feb 2023

Electric bikes and electric scooters are the new future as periods and eras change. It is on the verge of taking on new difficulties as its use and production of electric vehicles both continue to expand. The market for electric vehicles is expanding due to rising fuel prices, the state of the world economy, and climate change.

To address these developments, society is shifting in favor of better environmentally friendly solutions. Beliefs in mythical material that has been misrepresented to the audience is one of the difficulties in the change of electric vehicle transition. Understanding the beliefs underlying them is one of the difficulties an honest customer encounters before buying an electric vehicle.


E-bikes are Future:

E-bikes are here to stay and are becoming a more significant factor in encouraging people to use bikes. While some riders clearly benefit from a little electric assistance, there are still some misconceptions about what e-bikes offer and the potential advantages they can bring among cyclists. So let's examine the truths underlying a dozen e-bike misconceptions.

E-bikes are not a recent invention, despite what many people think. Since the first models were created in the late 19th century, they have existed for more than 100 years. Despite their recent popularity surge, e-bikes continue to be misunderstood by a large portion of the population. Let's examine the truth behind the five most widespread e-bike fallacies in today's blog. Check bike to work scheme


Myth 1: Since electric bikes aren't designed for long distances, how can they be charged?

Because they are concerned about the EV range and how far they can go, people are typically hesitant to purchase electric vehicles. Another issue that many people have is the lack of charging stations. However, the reality is that most people only go less than 50 km per day, thus they don't need more than a 100 km range every day. Check FIIDO electric bike

Instead of looking for a public charging station, they may easily charge at home throughout the course of the night to have a full battery for the following day. In addition, the infrastructure for electric bike charging is continuously growing, therefore India will soon have enough infrastructure to support its expanding EV industry.


Myth 2: Riding an e-bike won't help you become in shape.

The first thing you frequently hear is that using an e-bike won't help you get in shape, shed pounds, or improve your cardio. Modern e-bikes, on the other hand, are technically called "electric assist" bikes, so you still need to pedal with your legs; the electric motor only serves to maintain a faster speed.

Although your workout isn't quite as taxing as it would be on a non-electric bike, the variations in health consequences aren't as big as you may imagine.


Myth 3: E-bikes quickly lose their power, leaving you with a heavy bike.

By limiting how far you can cycle with help, the quantity of electric power you choose also has an immediate impact on individual rides in addition to having an impact on your long-term fitness goals. The range (distance) that the electric motor can help you go decreases as power consumption increases. However, many e-bikes are quite capable of an assisted range of 100 miles or more on low power settings.

Determining range is not some mysterious art based on chance, luck, and conjecture. The majority of contemporary e-bikes have precise battery level monitors and even expected range indicators so you can determine exactly how much power is left. Check cycle to work scheme

You don't have to hike a mammoth up the hills if something goes wrong and you do realise that you are completely out of electrical energy. With additional motors and batteries, most e-bikes do tend to weigh a little bit more than their non-assisted counterparts, but this trend is changing.


Myth 4: E-bikes are difficult to use.

An e-bike undoubtedly has a few extra parts and components, but underneath it all, it is still a bike with tried-and-true parts and technology that haven't changed in decades. If you can handle moving tires, altering gears, and adjusting brakes on a regular bike, you can still enjoy doing the same on an e-bike.

E-bikes are very much a product of the modern era with all the comprehensive and intuitive design that modern life prioritizes, even with the newer bits of technology involved. Recharging procedures are getting simpler and more practical all the time. includes support for smart devices or more sophisticated optional features, like the incorporation of heart-rate monitor readings.


Myth 5: Only senior citizens can use e-bikes.

It was found that 17% of people indicated they were more likely to buy or use an e-bike than they were the previous year, and 11% stated they no longer ride pedal-powered bikes alone. It also showed that 8% of people had owned an e-bike.

A large number suggests that these are not simply' elderly people. The younger demographic was more enthusiastic about e-bikes overall, which is completely opposite of how sales initially tended to favor an older demographic looking for new mobility.


Myth 6: E-bikes are bulky and heavy.

We've already mentioned that e-bikes don't need to be significantly heavier than conventional cycles, and several manufacturers have integrated technology into their e-bike user interfaces in a really easy way. But the integration of batteries and motors as well as frame construction have reached that degree of design.


Myth 7: E-bikes are too fast and dangerous

E-bikes and conventional bikes both have the same top speeds. By design, the pedal assist will only assist in accelerating up to a set speed limit. After that, just as with conventional bikes, it will entirely depend on your leg power. In truth, a lot of ardent cyclists can easily ride faster than the speed limit of e-bikes. Due to this, the majority of nations permit e-bikes to use the same lanes as conventional bikes.


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