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Prepare Your e-Bike Trip

by Preity Gupta 20 Feb 2023

for fun or adventure rather than just exercise or sport could bring you great joy. With electric bikes, it is simpler for riders of different physical capacities (including lower or higher levels) to reach and is more fun when taken as a pretension journey or casual stroll. Pogo Cycles gives you an opportunity to join this fun riding and taking care of your health

Most electric bicycles aren't fully motorised; instead, they act as your right-hand assistant to help you peddle more forcefully when you're tired or trying to climb steep slopes. In this approach, riders may push themselves a bit further and feel more accomplished.

How to get ready before embarking on an electric cycling tour may sound thrilling to new riders, but it may also be confusing. If you're getting ready to go on an electric bicycle tour, consider the following advice.


  • Think Ahead.

Some people find logistics to be a dream, while others find it to be a nightmare, but there's no disputing that some of the best journeys happen when the fundamentals are arranged in advance.

There are several factors to take into account while choosing your destination for multi-day travels. Ideally, try to plan a route that is the most enjoyable while also taking into account the state of the roads, food options, nearby bike shops, public charging stations, and lodging.

Choosing a trip that is "well-stocked" will ensure that assistance is always available; this is beneficial for your first vacation because many of the activities may be brand-new!

Of course, thinking about so many different parts of preparing can seem overwhelming, but you aren't necessarily required to do it by yourself. If you need assistance, get in touch with travel agencies, cycling groups, or a professional you know. Additionally, there are several applications and websites with important information to make planning simple if you prefer to go it alone.

Check to see if your intended route can be completed on an e-bike alone or if a backup vehicle will be required to transport the e-bikes a portion of the way. You can use online calculators to figure out how far you can travel.


  • Your Technology

Nobody enjoys a technical mishap, so make the preparations in advance to ensure a pleasant trip. We strongly advise performing a thorough checkup on your bike or e-bike before you get on two wheels. Your neighbourhood bike shop will be more than delighted to assist if you're unclear how to do this. Here are some crucial areas to concentrate on:

  1. Check the tyres for any bulges or other indications of punctures.
  2. Brakes: Make sure that any worn-out brake pads are not rubbing against the wheel or brake disc.
  3. Drive train: As you turn the crank, make sure the belt or chain is flowing smoothly through the set.
  4. Check the nuts and bolts to ensure a tight, securely fastened connection.


  • A Lot of Supplies

It's time to make sure you're in top form now that your bike is. Depending on your itinerary, your packing list can be quite detailed or minimal. Here are some essential tools our crew always brings with us to get you started:

  1. alternate cycling attire
  2. sufficient water
  3. Snacks with a lot of energy to boost your mood
  4. a headlight for any low-light conditions
  5. First aid pack with sunblock and supplies like eye drops and plasters for blisters The quantity of wind experienced on a lengthy ride often shocks inexperienced riders.
  6. Quick-fix bike repair toolkit

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  • Observe the skies

Rider, keep an eye on the horizon! With the proper gear and attire, you may go on a bike vacation in any weather. Examine the forecast and make the necessary preparations, which may include packing extra layers of waterproof clothing or stocking up on sunscreen.

The greatest way to fully enjoy your journey is to ride comfortably. Just be sure to wear high-visibility apparel or other alternatives, such wearable lights, to remain visible on the road.

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