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Tips for extending battery life

by Preity Gupta 20 Feb 2023

Modern environmentally friendly e-bikes can be used for both commuting and exercise. Electric bikes are convenient to park, have a smaller environmental impact, and offer a fantastic view of your surroundings. In the city and on the trails, they are enjoyable.





The cost of electric motorcycles decreases in tandem with the price of lithium-ion e-batteries. Technology keeps getting better. People of all income levels may now purchase high-quality e-bikes at lower prices than in the past.

Long-life lithium e-bike batteries are typically used by electric bike makers. They represent a major advance over earlier battery types. Batteries for lithium-ion electric bicycles are small and light. This implies that electric bikes are lighter. A range of temperatures allow the batteries to function. This opens up more opportunities for electric bike use throughout the year for cyclists.

It's critical to choose a high-quality battery for your electric bike and to take care of it because the battery is often only worth around a third of the value of the total bicycle.


Use the following advice for e-bike battery maintenance and care to make sure your bike is prepared for your upcoming excursion. To increase the battery life and running duration of your electric bicycle, abide by following recommendations.


  • Charge Your E-Bike Batteries Correctly

A lithium battery loses some of its capacity to hold a charge when it is totally discharged. As a result, capacity is decreased. A lithium battery should ideally be kept charged. Even if you simply traveled a short distance, plug it in after your trip. If a battery does indeed lose its complete charge, you should recharge it as soon as you can. Check cycle to work scheme

With all of our electric bikes, Pogocycle batteries' high-quality cells are the reason for our confidence in them.


The Actions listed below will help you make sure your electric bike battery lasts as long as possible.


  • Maintain A Cool Battery

The environment has a significant impact on e-bikes( lithium-ion) batteries. For instance, leaving one in the scorching sun in your car will definitely shorten the life of your battery. In actuality, storing a fully charged battery at high temperatures would be the worst case scenario. As a general guideline, keep your bike out of the sun for extended periods of time and store your battery when not in use somewhere cold, preferably around 20°C (68°F).


  • Keep a battery partially charged, but not completely discharged!

As we noted above, a lithium-ion battery can steadily discharge over time even when you're not using it, so storing a totally discharged battery could be fatal. Depending on how long the voltage is allowed to linger below a specific point, it may result in irreversible cell damage. If possible, make sure the battery is charged between 80% and 40% of its full capacity before storing it for an extended period of time. Simply change to this level before charging it for storage if your charger has a lower "storage" voltage setting. Check bike to work scheme


  • A simple substitute is to ride the bike once it has fully charged

Additionally, avoid leaving your battery on the charger for extended periods of time because doing so will shorten its lifespan if you keep it at or near 100%. Over the winter, you can also check your battery every few months. This is unlikely to be necessary if the battery was at 40% or above. If you find that the battery indicator has dropped too low, you can quickly charge it to restore it to the appropriate storage voltage. It's usually a good idea to charge the battery for 30 minutes every few months if it doesn't have a battery indicator.


  • Never fully discharge your battery on a regular basis.

Amazingly, despite the fact that full battery discharge on a regular basis has been shown to be harmful, tech websites still recommend it. It is hazardous to consistently deplete lithium-ion batteries to 0% and partial discharges with frequent top-ups are suggested to increase the number of recharge cycles the batteries can withstand. On that very long trip, the occasional full discharge is not a problem.


  • Establish a Secure Charging Location

All large lithium batteries carry the risk of fire, as was already mentioned. Establishing a secure location to recharge your e-bike batteries is a good idea. Two suitable locations are outside or in the middle of an empty garage floor. Make sure that the area is dry.


  • The best maintenance advice for e-bike batteries is to read the owner's guide


    Don't assume you can solve the problem. E-bike batteries made of lithium-ion have some risks. If misused or coupled with the wrong charger, they can catch fire.

    Your battery will last longer if you follow the manual's instructions. Charge cycles are used to calculate the battery life of electric bicycles. It is based on how many complete charges (from 0% to 100%) the battery can withstand before degrading.


    • Hibernation

      It's crucial to keep your battery inside and charged properly if you don't ride throughout the winter. When storing, keep your charge at 50% of its capacity. If you don't ride for two months or more, the battery will gradually self-discharge, so be sure to check the charge frequently and top it off when necessary.



      Here are some details on how to maintain an e-bike battery:

      • Use the charger that came with your bike battery, it bears repeating.
      • In case of emergency, keep a fire extinguisher nearby that can put out battery fires.
      • Keep track of how much time the battery spends charging. When the charge is finished, smart chargers detect it and shut off. When not in use, unplug the charger as a backup.
      • If your charger isn't intelligent, keep a tight eye on the time as it charges. When the charge is finished, unplug it.
      • The battery should always be charged after each use.
      • Charge the battery once a month when not in use if you plan to store it for several months.
      • Each time you use the electric scooters, turn it off. The battery could malfunction if the power switch is left on and it hasn't been charged in a long time. Some battery systems incorporate auto-shutoff functions to avoid over-discharging and prolong the battery life of electric bicycles.
      • If you suspect a battery is damaged, never charge it. Never charge it inside a building unattended. Always purchase your batteries from a reputable supplier, and charge carefully.




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