Direct Payment


Avail 3 % Extra Discount on Direct Payment through Revolut transfer or Bank Transfer

Instructions: Use the store price, and multiply it with 0.97. For eg Fiido M1 pro is 1200(please confirm with product page for latest price), get the bike for 0.97x1200= 1164 Euros(to be transferred)

BankTransfer Details
Name: Pogo Enterprises Limited
Bank Name : Revolut Ltd
IBAN :GB43REVO00996971027245
Bank Address
7 Westferry Circus, E14 4HD, London, United Kingdom

Once a payment is complete, please share the snapshot of your transaction. you can send via whatsapp (+353899486428) or email us with delivery address, phone number, name and email

Our Normal delivery times are 7-10 working days except preorder items (can be only shipped when in stock)

-Expect a tracking number from us in 5-7 working days